Menot - Tampere - Kaikki - Signature Dark part 5 - 21.11.

Menot - Tampere - Kaikki - Signature Dark part 5 - SIGNATURE DARK From slowly evolving sound textures to esoteric rhythms, say hello to minimal richness. Melancholic. Dark. Cinematic. Signature Dark is a novel musical concept which runs the gamut of vivid and atmospheric soundscapes from ambient to drone, dark jazz, dub, trip hop and experimental music. Occassionally, the sound will even be flipped into minimalistic techno and jungle territory. LINE-UP LIVE: Aleksi Myllykoski with Tapani Rinne (Signature Dark) DJ Tm Shuffle (Vuo Records) DJ Eppu ARTISTS Aleksi Myllykoski with Tapani Rinne Aleksi Myllykoski is an audio artist, composer, producer, and a well-respected DJ from Helsinki, Finland. His new album Dark Days came out summer 2020. Tapani Rinne is best known for his experimental and innovative style with the clarinet and saxophone for the seminal electro jazz group RinneRadio. They will play together material from the Dark Days album. DJ Tm Shuffle Tm Shuffle comes from the forests of Ruutana, Finland. His passion for music started in early 90"s and his record collection and musical vision has grown since those times. He runs Vuo records, having released music from Trevor Deep Jr, Stardub, Shuffless, Ohm and more. In his productions as well as DJ sets the spotlight is always on the music. Tickets 10.- euros at door (including door servise). IN COLLABORATION WITH: Twenty One Vuo Records Signature Dark

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